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New Patient Extensive Exam


Routine Examination


Child Examination (Under 4)


Child Examination inc Fluoride Treatment (ages 4 - 8 years)


Child Examination inc Fluoride Treatment (ages 9 - 14 years)


Child Examination inc Fluoride Treatment (ages 14 years +)


Routine Scale and Polish with the Hygienist


Digital Small X - Rays (price per film)


Digital (OPG) Full Mouth X - Ray


Emergency Appointment




Composite (Tooth coloured) Filling - small

From £55.00

Composite (Tooth coloured) Filling - large

From £185.00

Bonded Amalgam (silver) Filling Used where a while filling is inappropriate ie. for large restorations at the very back of the mouth

From £115.00

Root Fillings (price depends on which tooth is being treated) Includes any x - rays and filling if required

From £399.00

Regular Ceramic bonded to non precious Metal Crown (VMK type)


Top aesthetics Metal free all Ceramic Crown (EMax type)


Ceramic Veneer. Bonded to the facial surface of a front tooth


Maryland Bridge. Two units (to replace a single missing tooth)


Conventional Bridgework. Cases need assessing individually


Teeth Whitening. Tray system


Teeth Whitening. Deep Bleach system Tray and Power Whitening


Regular Full Upper and Lower Dentures


Somnowell (snoring and sleep apnoea control)


Somnowell appliance


Sedation RA (Gas and Air)


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Good Practice Scheme commitment

We aim to provide dental care of consistently good quality for all patients.